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Escape the chaos and find inner peace with one hour of relaxing lofi hip hop music.

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Our selection of lo-fi, instrumental, and chill beats is here for you, whether you're working, unwinding, or just seeking for some background music. You can relax and unwind to our selection of soothing rhythms, which range from mild and soft to nostalgic and passionate sounds. So relax, get a coffee, and allow our evocative and tranquil melodies to transport you to a coffee shop setting. For studying, our mellow, lo-fi hip hop and instrumental hip hop tracks are ideal, while our sleep music
and calming music can put you to sleep.

We sincerely hope you love our collection of chill beats, atmospheric music, and lo-fi beats as much as we do!

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[00:00] Tomorrow
[04:23] Oceanblue
[16:37] Nostalgia
[27:49] Gratitude
[34:53] Time
[46:06] Walk

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