Best Lo-fi Remix by Gustixa (8D Audio)

Use headphones for better experience

Track list:
00:00 lemon tree
02:05 past lives
05:02 fallen kingdom
08:07 happy
10:07 play date
12:52 can't help falling in love
15:31 lucid dreams
18:58 I love you
21:17 love story
23:18 death bed
25:14 i know you so well
27:39 the girl i've never met
30:26 fly me to the moon
32:27 eyes blue like the atlantic
34:35 goodbye to a world
38:05 beautiful in white
39:37 surrender
42:07 I like you so much
44:24 slow dancing in the dark
48:16 kamado tanjiro no uta

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