Increase Focus Study Music, Focuses Attention in Front of You, 3D Mind Music ✪995

Study music to increase focus with beta and alpha waves. 3D mind music effects are used to focus your attention in front of you, helping you to concentrate better on what you are reading, studying or working on.

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This track is part of my new mind music range of brainwave entrainment tracks.

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How to use this track

Listen to this track to help increase focus and concentration levels while working, studying or doing anything mentally taxing. It works best if you listen to it while doing the activity.

Headphones Are Recommended to Experience the 3D Effects

This track can still be used and provide a benefit without headphones. However, to hear and benefit from the full effect of the 3D placement illusion, you will need to use earphones/headphones. As an alternative, you could try listening with external speakers each side of your screen, but earphones/headphones would be better. If you are just listening through the small speaker on the front of a laptop, tablet or phone, the stereo effects from that are probably not going to be strong enough to get the 3D illusion.

How Mind Music Works

- Amplitude (volume) modulation effects are applied to the music which produces repetitive vibrations.
- The vibrations stimulate and influence your brainwave activity in the same way that isochronic tones and binaural beats do.
- The music vibrations produce a more soothing sound, which may be a more appealing alternative than isochronic tones for some people.

3D Mind Music Effects

The sound can be manipulated to focus your attention in a specific direction. An auditory illusion is used to make you believe the sound is coming from in front of you.

- Helps to focus your attention on the screen, a book you are reading or any work in front of you.

When the track begins, you will notice that the sound is going around you for the first 30 seconds or so. It then starts to move in front of you, where its movement starts to narrow. Every 10 minutes the sound starts to move a little for about 30 seconds, before narrowing tightly in front of you again. This helps to draw your attention back in if your mind has wandered and been distracted a little.

What Frequency Modulations are Used in this Track?

The main frequency range is between 12Hz to 18Hz in beta, which is good for increasing focus and attention while working or studying. Every 10 minutes there is also a 2-minute session in alpha between 9.8Hz to 10.2Hz. This is used to relax your mind a little so that you don't get too over-focused and tense, which is particularly helpful when studying over longer periods.

Boosting alpha wave activity has also shown to increase your ability to memorize information. So this combination of beta and alpha wave frequencies are very useful in a study music track.

The frequency is switched to a different random frequency within the specified range every 30 seconds. This is done to help prevent habituation, so your brain doesn't get too used to the same frequency, which is especially useful if you listen to the same track quite often.

How Loud Should The Volume Be?

Adjust the volume to a level you feel comfortable with. Don't have it so loud that it's irritating or hurting your ears. But bear in mind it needs to be loud enough for you to hear the constant vibrations in the music track.


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