LST | 3D Sound Demo

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Use your stereo headset for a better 3D Experience !
All sound was recorded with normal microphones and transformed with our upcoming LST software in 3D sound .
More 3D Examples :

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About LST :

• Our technology amplifies the speakers all around you. LST is a simple, but groundbreaking experience. It’s a universal solution, transforming 2 simple stereo speakers into a 360 degrees full scope orchestra. Imagine you’re going for a run in the park while listening to your favorite track and feeling like the whole band is running along with you? LST doesn’t just surround you, it also improves the sound fidelity by up to 61%. This can be easily noticed.

• LST means feeling the unexplored dimensions of sound by bringing together two special ingredients: quality and 3D music. This makes you touch the untouchable and introduces you into a sphere of sounds playing with your senses at their full capacity!

• LST is a technology suitable to anything that uses sound: in gaming; films; health industry; music; business; advertising; radio; military;

LST is your key to a dimension of senses that you have never explored!

Wild up your eardrums !
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