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● Lyrics:-

Ayy, nigga, I know you care about
Gosha, and
Pretty things, but
But can you tell me what you don't give a fuck about, nigga?
What don't you give a fuck about, nigga?
I'on give a fuck about
Hmm, shit
Nice chain
Red Balmains (ayy)
Chain swang
Like pretty thangs (yah)
Kick a bitch
Call me Liu Kang (Liu Kang)
Dumb bitch
Give me dumb brain (yuh)
Wrist wet
Wet like rain (ayy)
Nike Swoosh
White Cocaines (cocaína)
That's Gucci Mane (burr)
Tall racks
Like Yao Ming (Yao Ming)
Fuck school
I'on fuck with rules (I'on fuck with 'em)
Laid back, nigga
Always keep a tool (keep a tool)
You a pussy nigga
You a fuckin' fool (you a fool)
Wait, hold up
Ayy, ayy
Bitches look at me like I am a jewel (like a jewel)
I be posted wit' yo' bitch in the pool (in the pool)
Blast off, wait (ah)
Jet fuel (jet fuel)
Fuck this world, man, these bitches so cruel (so cruel)
What you want from me, Mercedes AMG? (AMG)
Push to start, bitch
No keys (no keys)
They don't gotta know about you and me (nah)
You the only one I know and I trust (and I trust)
Baby, you my angel and the stardust
Niggas always wanna act so tough (so tough)
Played out (phew, phew)
See the cuffs (see the cuffs)
I be with my soldiers, eatin' chicken wings
Nigga, you can't hang
This is not your game (not your game)
Black fit
Gosha, Gosha
Gold fangs (gold fangs)
Long clip
Gosha, Gosha
Bang, bang (bang, bang)
Black fit
Gosha, Gosha
Gold fangs (gold fangs, ayy)
Long clip
Gosha, Gosha
Bang, bang (bang, bang)
Black fit
Gosha, Gosha
Gold fangs (gold fangs, ayy)

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