tuta rap song (official music and video ) bihar hip hop ankit.

artist / lyrics:. Ankit
music by:. ANKIT
mix /master by.. ANKIT
video editeby tuta (ANKIT )
shot by...prince

my vlog chenal... [https://youtube.com/@chandubyvlog7144]

my insta id...I'm on Instagram as @bihar_hip_hop_ankit_. Install the app to follow my photos and videos. https://www.instagram.com/invites/contact/?i=ymskq5i9wx2r&utm_content=ihfn8di

my Facebook id... [Ankit sharma ]

desi song..https://youtu.be/nnXr_cOOVhQ

#महुआ पाटन song
rapper ankit
# महुआ पाटनsongs

# pagal biya re rap song (new official music video ) bihar hip hop ankit
#desi song || new official song ( full video ) bihar hip hop ankit
#bhojpuri hip hop khati bhojpiri rep song bihar ke
@ biharhiphopankit
hamara shath dene wale mohan.. tinkal sheshnath dayanad shut by.chandu

thanks for watching the video
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